Teachers are some of the most impactful people in our lives. Some say, and I agree, that teachers hold the future in their hands!

Today we celebrate teachers; remember our favourites and even the ones we always got in trouble with. Today is Teachers Day!

Teachers are at the front of the transformational work we do in teaching English and teacher training; I am in constant admiration of their work.

Dr. Shifu Verma, an experienced IELTS Teacher – I did my teacher training in Jammu and Chandigarh respectively. I am currently staying in Roorkee and I am fond of English language. I spend most of my free time in reading, exercising or just being around plants. I am also a globe trotter whenever I get a chance.

Why did you become a Teacher?

Happier to be a teacher was just by chance. It happened to me some five years back when I started sharing a surprisingly good attachment with my students. It instated in me am emotional attachment and zeal in me about the passion for learning, teaching and also out of love that I possess for the language.

What is the one thing you like the most about your job?

Firstly, I consider, teaching as a best job as it offers you a chance to continuously get better and it is a very grounding and humbling profession. I too have grown as a teacher since I begun and have realized the potential to transform lives in a society.

Secondly, I choose this profession to live up to my teachers who had constantly inspired me since my childhood days in drawing knowledge from every part of the world. If I could make the difference in just one student’s life well that would be a good average in a way what I have garnered from society by retrieving it this way.

What are students at the SSDN Global Education Services?

It’s been a wonderful experience teaching learners from different cultural background. The one common thread between all learners is their desire to learn English language because they feel it will help them in some or the other way.

If there was one study tip that you could give to your students, what would it be?

I believe, learning an English language can never be stressing, it only depends on one’s perspective and way of taking things. Staying positive and your consistent effort and love for the language will make your way to good English.

Being proficient is a one thing and speaking in soft way is another pillar of language. Many independent learners out of affection try to take every opportunity to polish then speaking skills and get more refined with each passing day.