Perhaps the most daunting step of the entire visa process is the visa interview, in which a consular officer will ask you questions about purpose and plans your visit to the specific country.

Our counselors prepare and brief you about the interview and the possible questions that may be put up during the process. They train you well in advance so that you can face the interview with confidence and with a positive approach.

There are times when people get nervous while facing interview and fail to perform well. We train them to face the interview session with perfection by preparing them right from the scratch and briefing them about the body language and posture that should be kept during the interview.

We prepare the applicant with mock interviews by creating a similar ambiance that they may encounter during the interview at the consulates. This builds the confidence and morale of the applicants and helps them to perform with dexterity in their interviews.

Visa interview lasts normally for 10-15 minutes so it is important to make most of this time. We educate our students about how to present themselves in front of the interviewers in convincing way.

SSDN Global understand that visa interviews can be stressful and thus our consultants prepare your thoroughly by conducting mock interviews, providing guidance about body posture, dressing sense, give you a list of questions and their possible answers that might be put up during interview etc that one should follow during the interview. Feel free to contact us for more details.


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