SSDN Global’s focus is on producing best results for aspirants who are not just trained by certified trainers on various eligibility tests such as IELTS, PTE, OET and TOEFL etc. but are given specialized training on specific profiles under these eligibility tests. This makes the curriculum and the practical training aligned with aspirant’s specific needs & requirements.

This pedagogy of super-specialized training gives the aspirants an exhaustive idea of what skills & knowledge is actually required by the International Universities and Colleges in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, USA, FRANCE, GERMENY, NEW ZEALAND, IRELAND, ITALY etc and thus makes the aspirants ready from the day 1 of their bright career. We deeply analyse aspiration of students and, they are given an opportunity to choose and decide the particular set of profiles under a chosen domain. This makes the task of a trainer easy as now they have the clear understanding of each individual student’s aspiration and the required
knowledge or set of skills to be developed.

SSDN Global has been the pioneer in developing the specific approach of training where any topic which is taught is explained with real world application in various sectors, on different eligibility tests of several countries which helps in clarifying fundamentals of aspirants.
Through our standardized pattern of training, we check whether students are gaining only theoretical concepts or if they are also able to apply it in real-time situations. Our pedagogy is used on different tests and services as shown below:

Understanding the need of today’s Industry and following the same path, our Mantra for training students is – Learning by doing. At SSDN Global Skills are built through strong 3-step Experiential Learning Methodology which incorporates learning from experts, simulation exercises & implementation on real time cases.

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