Entry Clearance OR visa assistance in uk : A visa or entry clearance will not be required if a person holds a United Kingdom passport or one issued by another country in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. There are various advantages of having the entry clearance including: You can get the permission to stay for the full length of your course; You will quickly clear immigration control at the airport in the UK; You can appeal from within the UK in case of any problem at immigration control in the UK; You would be able to check before traveling that you have been given an entry clearance sticker allowing you to work part-time; In case you later change your mind about how long you want to study in the UK, you will be able to ask the Border and Immigration Agency in the UK to allow you to stay longer. You will not be able to do this if you do not have entry clearance, unless the course is at degree level or above. Instead, it would be expected of you to return to your home country and apply for entry clearance. This restriction applies even to British nationals (overseas), British overseas territories citizens, British overseas citizens, British protected persons and British subjects.

Applying for Entry Clearance: To obtain entry clearance, you must apply at the British Mission in your home country. The British Mission will give you a form to fill in and information about the documents you need to provide. There is a charge for the application. You will need to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) at the British Mission that you meet the students’ immigration requirements, who will then issue entry clearance in the form of a sticker in your passport. The entry clearance should normally be valid for the entire duration of your course. The Immigration Officer, at the UK’s port of entry will put a date stamp in your passport to show when you entered the UK. Your permission to be in the UK expires on the date indicated on the entry clearance. The forms required For getting an entry clearance, you will have to contact your local British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General for entry clearance form.


  • Your passport 
  • Your recent passport-sized photograph 
  • Appropriate fee paid in local currency 
  • Documents proving that you meet the entry requirements. 
  • A letter of acceptance on the course 
  • Evidence that you can pay the course fees and support yourself and your family 
  • Proof of Accommodation (in certain cases) 

The requirements for Student Entry Clearance The citizens of non-EEA countries require permission, known as ‘leave to enter’, for entering the UK. The student needs to meet the following requirements, for entering the UK. He should: Have been accepted for a course of study, to be provided by an organization which is included on the UK’s Department for Education and Skills’ Register of Education and Training Providers. Have been accepted for a course of study at: A publicly funded institution of further or higher education or A bona fide private education institution which maintains satisfactory records of enrolment and attendance or An independent fee-paying school outside the maintained sector; and Be able and intend to follow either: (a) a recognized full-time degree course at a publicly funded institution of further or higher education or (b) a weekday full-time course involving attendance at a single institution for a minimum of 15 hours’ organized daytime study per week of a single subject or directly related subjects or (c) a full-time course at an independent fee-paying school; and Have enrolled at an independent fee-paying school on a full-time course of studies, meeting the requirements of the Education Act 1944, if under 16 years; and Intend to leave the United Kingdom, after the completion of his or her studies; and Not intend to engage in business or take up employment in the UK, except part-time or vacation work undertaken with the consent of the Secretary of State for Employment and Be able to meet the costs of his or her course and accommodation, and the maintenance of him/herself and any dependants without taking employment or engaging in business or having recourse to public funds.

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