There are many core English skills that are required for the PTE Academic. The writing questions in the testc require spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills in order to score well. In addition to this, you will need to understand written discourse.

Written Discourse
Written discourse involves the structure, coherence, logical development and range of linguistic resources in a written text. Linguistic resources refers to grammar and vocabulary, and the variety of grammatical structures and vocabulary used in your writing. You need to show a wide range of different grammatical structures and vocabulary used correctly to gain maximum points in this area.

The only question type that is marked based on written discourse skills is the Write Essay question type.

The Write Essay question type requires test takers to write an argument essay where one side of the argument is developed. Expository, discursive or problem-solution essays are not included in the PTE Academic. It’s worthwhile reviewing a sample essay to understand how to structure your essay.

In this question type, you need to show critical thinking skills and be able to link ideas in a logical way. Before starting, decide which side of the argument you will write about and write down a plan for your essay.

To receive the maximum points you will need to correctly structure your essay with the traditional structure: introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

At the start of each body paragraph, include a clear topic sentence to make your essay more cohesive. These sentences provide a summary of the main idea in the paragraph. Avoid including examples, explanations or supporting evidence.

It’s important to make sure your writing has cohesion. Do this by using linking words and phrases, otherwise known as cohesive devices. Cohesive devices help show the reader the relationship between your ideas.

In your body paragraphs, use examples and explanations from your own knowledge or experience. You can also use supporting evidence from facts that you know to help strengthen your argument.

Also try to link your body paragraphs with phrases such as In addition to…, Another strong argument for…is…, etc.

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